Captivating Camouflage Art

We have already shown you some amazing Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin, and now we want to introduce you to another real-life Invisible Man – the Dutch artist Desiree Palmen.

The difference between the two camouflage masters is that Bolin uses his own body as a canvas, whereas Palmen makes other people dissolve or disappear into their surroundings.

“The artist herself produces the camouflage suit. For each photo, for each environment of her choice, she designs a new suit, which again and again has to be made with the greatest precision, or the illusive effect will not work. By uniting the figure with the background, Desiree Palmen reaches a surprising visual effect that requests a special effort for the observing eye: it must disentangle what is flat and what is spatial.”

Istanbul 2011


Rotterdam 2000 / 2001


Vienna 2008


Rotterdam 2002


Maastricht 1999


Rotterdam 2002


Leiden 2009


Leiden 2009


Rotterdam 2000 / 2001


Rotterdam 2002

Rotterdam 2004

Berlin 2011 / 2012 & Rotterdam 2000 / 2001


Jerusalem 2006 / 2007

camouflage-art-desiree-palmen-10 camouflage-art-desiree-palmen-9

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